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Litigation Lawyers Brisbane, Sydney & Goondiwindi

Our law firm provides dedicated legal services for commercial litigation and civil litigation. Covering a range of complex and sensitive matters. 

Including dispute resolution, commercial litigation, debt recovery, bankruptcy, insolvency, restructuring, building and construction disputes, insurance law, defamation law, breach of contract and more.

Why choose our litigation lawyers?

How we help our clients with commercial litigation and civil litigation

It’s our mission to prevent litigation by negotiating a resolution to the dispute and framing agreements between parties. This sets out the terms of any ongoing actions required of the parties resulting from the resolution.

Our experienced negotiators can represent you in alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation, expert determination and arbitration. 

We have a wide network of specialist consultants including forensic document specialists, barristers, rural spray drift specialists, accountants and other professionals.

These experts will advise on elements of the proceedings and/or offer testimonies in court.

Litigation Law Firm in Brisbane, Sydney and Goondiwindi

Our litigation solicitors have experience in complex commercial litigation, dispute resolution and civil litigation in the Goondiwindi Magistrates and District Court, the Courts in Brisbane and Sydney and the Federal Courts.

Doyle Wilson was established over 30 years ago in Goondiwindi, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. This is the centre of Australia’s most productive agricultural region in terms of export earnings.

Our partners Andrew Doyle and Lachlan Wilson have firsthand experience of the issues and complexities that rural businesses face.

Both come from farming backgrounds and have strong connections with rural New South Wales and Queensland.

With decades of knowledge and experience in dealing with the issues confronting the agribusiness sector, we are well-positioned to provide practical solutions on agribusiness law matters.

And because the rural lifestyle is part of our heritage, we’re uniquely suited to deliver the approachable and authentic customer service that our rural clients tend to expect.

Litigation Lawyer Services

  • Debt Recovery & Insolvency
  • Voluntary administration; bankruptcy and arrangements without sequestration; liquidation; bankruptcy; receiverships; Court ordered enforcement and debt recovery.
  • Property
  • Land and property disputes; boundary disputes, including dividing fences and vegetation management; tree clearing; spray drift claims; water licences; land resumptions, commercial and retail leases; enforcement of the rights of landlord and tenant.
  • Contract and Commercial Matters
  • Buying and selling of businesses; companies; contractual disputes; guarantees, charges & mortgages disputes; insurance claims; breach of trust; intellectual property (IP) matters.
  • Professional Negligence
  • Inappropriate financial advice; misleading or deceptive professional advice; engineering mistakes; accountant error; solicitor negligence; incorrect property valuations.
  • Building and Construction
  • Commercial and domestic construction disputes and building law matters.
  • Business Partnerships
  • Partnerships, trusts, sole proprietorships; franchising; powers, rights, duties and obligations of owners, directors and managers.

Employment Law

Unfair dismissal, wrongful termination, breach of contract/award, work health and safety, bullying and harassment.

Estate and Will Disputes

Deceased estates; contesting wills; family maintenance claims under the Succession Act.

Family Law

Marriage and de facto matters; financial agreements; property settlements; children and parenting; child support and spousal maintenance; divorce.

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We represent clients throughout NSW and QLD. If you’re not located near an office, request a phone or video call here.

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